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Market Segments
  Mining Industries  
  Urban Design  
  Enviromental Management  

Forestry and Agriculture

Forestry and environmental monitoring is greatly enhanced by the use of satellite data. We can provide comprehensive imagery for forest cover assessment and forest fire detection. Human encroachment activities like deforestation and the degradation of forest resources can be accurately modeled using satellite imagery and policies can be drafted based on information obtained from remote sensing data.

Bush fires are unpredictable and wild. Many factors influence the rate and severity of bush fires. Forest fires have an important influence on the vegetation, wildlife, plants, soil, stream flow, and even general climate. The loss of timber is obvious and so is the damage to life and property. The loss of native flora and fauna and the destruction of wildlife habitat are also consequences of forest fires

Multi-spectral satellite imagery can be used to assess forest cover and foliage to manage our precious forest wealth and the associated bio-diversity.

Government agencies and other organizations can monitor the health of forests and accurately map roads, waterways and other infrastructure to create risk profiles for large regions. In addition, pollution monitoring can help us prevent or mitigate environmental degradation.

Orbit Australia provides high resolution imagery to organizations for developmental tasks like crop acreage, production estimation, crop health monitoring and ground water prospecting. Remote sensing data forms an important input in forecasting agricultural crop output. We can provide imagery to assist farmers to monitor and combat diseases and drought and to manage and maximize their harvest.

Water and Ocean Resources

Satellite imagery can be used to develop and manage ground water prospecting, coastal zone studies, wetland monitoring, potential zone identification, coral and mangrove mapping. Orbit Australia has access to data from a wide range of remote sensing satellites for all our customer needs. 

Orbit Australia has unparalleled access to the data from the latest Ocean monitoring satellite- Oceansat2. This enables us to give recommendations on potential fishing zones (which includes detailed depth, direction and distance), and estimation of water vapor content in the atmosphere.  The Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) payload aboard Oceansat can be used to monitor the impact of human induced activities like aquaculture, pollution of coastal waters as well as sedimentation monitoring and pollutants like oil slicks in the high seas.

We can provide data from multiple satellites to predict and model ocean and atmospheric conditions, including cyclones and hurricanes.

Land and Natural Resource Management

Remote Sensing technology can be used for mapping and monitoring land and natural resources. Satellite imagery can be used to monitor flood plains, waste land mapping and the impact of human activities on the land like urban development and exploration.

Satellite imagery aids in the selection and development of oil and gas exploration areas around the world as well as in the areas of oil spill mitigation and remediation. No other technology that matches or exceeds the capabilities of remote sensing and its necessity in the oil industry.

Orbit Australia provides high quality multispectral satellite imagery for land and resource management for various clients through out the world.