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FARMMATE, a spatial managment system for agribusiness, is an advanced web-based platform that allows gathering and analysis of Geo-spatial data. The platform allows for the segmentation of land into different paddock management zones

based on how a crop may potentially perform. This information can be combined with soil and tissues tests, with precise knowledge of the area, we can advise you on how to manage the different zones to maximize harvest yield.


Orbit has access to optical and radar satellites allowing, in some cases, daily revisits over a site to identify problems such as nutrient deficiencies, diseases, water deficiency or surplus, weed infestations, insect damage, hail damage, wind damage, herbicide damage and plant health. This enables us to provide tailored solutions for each zone, a cost-effective solution for an age-old problem.


FISHMATE has the technology to help you find more fish, faster and smarter.  Using satellite imaging, FishMate can deliver daily or on-demand sea-surface temperature (SST), plankton density, wind and other parameters, to your desktop. Professional anglers and commercial fisherman alike have used satellite technology for years, now by incorporating satellite imagery from the latest satellites one can decrease search times, save fuel and achieve higher returns with reduced carbon emission.

With the innovative “Fishmate” potential fishing zone (PFZ) maps from new satellites are sent to unique fish finders onboard the fishing vessels to locate the fish. On reaching the location marked by the PFZ, the system identifies the shoal of fish through the fish finder. The fish finder helps to measure the depth of the sea bottom and fish shoal accurately. The fishermen can confirm the presence of shoals by looking at the LCD display that provides viewing of the type of fish as well as the seabed. Additionally, data for many locations can be entered in the system. What may be more relevant is the fact that the home location can be also be entered—after fishing, just by pressing a button, the fisherman can reach his base with the help of the navigational system. Moreover, the system has a provision of onboard trading platform.